Pupil Behaviour and Out-Reach Support

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We work hard with schools to improve pupil behaviour and life skills, reducing exclusion and to support pupils being educated in other settings. This is linked closely with our Alternative Provisioning service and the Anchor Project which are shown separately.
We can help you to signpost suitable support:

- For improved pupil behaviour

- Keep a raised awareness to reducing both permanent and fixed term exclusions

- We will support schools' own work with vulnerable children and families to provide advice and contribute to raising achievement and behaviour for learning

- We will support school staff via a bespoke training package on an individual or group basis to develop suitable behaviour strategies

- Supporting schools capacity in relation to behaviour and attendance management

- Support the school to reach access to the engagement of external agencies and other providers


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Key Service Features

1) Ceri May is able to put you in direct touch with suitable outreach support teams to support pupils both in schools and off site provisions as part of a monitored pastoral support programme

Ceri is familiar with our working arrangement affecting alternative provisioning and the Virtual School.

2) Encompass a wide range of alternative curriculum pathways and support schools to deliver personalised learning based upon assessment of need

3) Support Primary-to-Secondary transition and integration

4) Support schools to initiate and deliver evidence based programmes of individual and group work covering such areas as emotional regulation, behaviour management and participation

Our Services in Detail

Helping you to deal with Understanding Emotions, self-esteem, selfimage & identity; Interpersonal skills; Anger management; RA conflict resolution, potential and aspiration; Cycle of change; Dealing with Blind Spots and similar barriers to effective learning in the school setting.

Service Standards

We aim to deliver customer satisfaction target levels of 85% or higher initially. A continual improvement to our service offer and the performance targets will be defined as we work with schools to develop our engagement levels.

Our staff will be professionally trained and accredited in line with current and emerging legislation and best practice. Our advice will be based on professional guidelines.

Statutory Services

The council has a statutory duty of care to track school attendance and performance by all pupils.

The council works closely with schools to provide help to fulfil the duty to provide suitable care and support for children in education.

Standard terms and conditions apply. Please see the shopping basket for more details

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