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The friendly one stop shop for all property and land issues. Our experienced Property services team provides schools with advice on a wide range of property-related matters, from maintenance to catering provision. Additionally, Property Services can provide expert guidance on the management of schools' own building projects.


• Expert advice on statutory responsibilities

• Assurance that work carried out is compliant with relevant legislation

• Better in-house catering provision has been shown to improve pupil outcomes

• Simple coordination with other council departments

• Visits can be arranged out of hours to minimise disruption to the school day

• The team will respond quickly to urgent requests


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Key Service Features

• Expert advice and guidance on a wide range of issues relating to building maintenance

• Support during building refurbishment and new building projects

• We are experienced to signpost related services affecting site building assets eg energy.

• Access to provide expert guidance around schools' own statutory responsibilities


Our Services in Detail

1) Advisory service covering all building maintenance, premises and land issues

2) Provision of initial advice on Health and Safety issues and advice on access to specialist services, including fire safety and asbestos management

3) Advice on aspects of catering, kitchens and dining provision within schools

4) Advice and support on building security, DDA and secure access generally

5) Advice and guidance on procurement of contractors and design consultants and the LA?s contract standing orders and financial regulations

6) Assistance to schools who develop their own higher value capital projects

7) Advice and guidance on statutory procedures that all school must follow in respect of building maintenance works and procurement

8) Advice on how schools can access project management expertise for delivering school lead investment projects

9) Annual visit to discuss school maintenance programmes, investment needs and interface with the Councils Capital Programme




Service Standards

1) Up-to-date knowledge on matters affecting school property

2) A friendly and helpful team of advisors

Statutory Services

• Our property team provides landlord responsibility to all maintained schools

Standard terms and conditions apply. Please see the shopping basket for more details

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