EY - KS5 Music Curriculum Support per Hour

To inspire and empower young people through access to music Our Music Service works in partnership with schools to provide musical opportunities for children and young people from beginner through to advanced levels of musical prowess



• Highly skilled music specialists to work with individuals and groups of pupils

• Progression routes for children and young people to develop musical skills and talents

• Provision and maintenance of musical instrument resources

• Advice for non-specialists on teaching music within the school curriculum

• CPD courses for specialists and non-specialists, peripatetic and school-based

• Participation in large-scale, inspirational events

• Handling of parental applications, charging for tuition to minimise school administration

• Character developing, advanced performance opportunities for young musicians


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Key Service Features

1) Administration of individual/paired instrumental and vocal lessons in school

2) Whole Class Instrumental Tuition (WCIT) in year 4

3) Year 5 continuers programme

4) 'Haringey Young Musicians' area ensembles programme

5) Subsidised instrument hire

6) Support and training for specialist and non-specialist teachers in schools

7) Coordination and project management of large-scale concerts, festivals and musical events 8 Advisory services to support schools in coverage of the National Curriculum for Music

Our Services in Detail


1) Receiving and processing of application forms for individual/paired instrumental tuition

2) Invoicing parents and receiving payments for lessons

3) Preparing and distributing registers of pupils learning each term

4) Allocating subsidies for children entitled to Free School Meals

5) Recruitment, training, monitoring and quality assurance of specialist teachers

6) Providing and maintaining musical instruments for hire

7) Hosting and coordinating instrumental music examinations each term

8) Running weekly music ensembles, meeting centrally to provide higher level opportunities

9) Acting as lead partner for Haringey Music Education Hub receiving Arts Council funding

10) Giving opportunities to advanced level performers to travel and perform around the world

11) Liaising with external funders to promote equal opportunities to all

12) Hosting and coordinating a range of extended opportunities, including 1 and 2 day courses


13) Participation in larger-scale music projects. The time and resources needed will be agreed on a bespoke basis.

14) School-based curricular Music training and individually tailored CPD support, as agreed with each school

15) Whole Class Instrumental Tuition (year 4)

16) Large-group or whole-class projects in a range of acitivities, including Singing and Samba. Prices on application

17) Small group music session activities (e.g. Steel Pans, African Drumming, Saz, Recorder)

18) Special performer presentations/workshops by arrangement and as agreed on a bespoke basis


We are also able to advise and support schools with the development of dedicated music activities for the benefit of the school pupil cohort. Time and resources can be arranged on a bespoke basis.


Service Standards

1) Our team of Instrumental teachers are all recruited, security checked and quality assured

2) Our charges are bench-marked to ensure competitive pricing and value for money

3) We administer subsidies to ensure all pupils have equality of access to musical opportunities

4) We provide annual support visits to check music provision and coverage of National Curriculum

5) We send data returns to Arts Council England as lead partner in Haringey Music Education Hub

Statutory Services

1) Ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument

2) Providing progression routes for young musicians

3) Providing progressive opportunities for ensemble playing

4) Promoting a singing strategy for the Music Education Hub

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Please note: Services may be purchased from 1st April, but services will be delivered as per academic year commencing 1st September.

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