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Although the vast majority of young people attend mainstream secondary schools and academies to receive their education in KS3 and KS4, some young people benefit from receiving some, or all, of their education and support in 'off-site' settings that are delivered away from their school. Schools have responsibility for sourcing and commissioning this type of provision for their pupils and remain fully accountable for the outcomes achieved whilst on programme.
Alternative Provison

The Council offers a dedicated and professional support offer to schools to help them source, plan and commission effective alternative provision for pupils in KS3 and KS4. This includes identifying suitable and compliant programmes of alternative provision for pupils who are disengaging from mainstream curriculum and/or who would benefit from an alternative programme of education to improve their academic outcomes.

The service will manage the “end-to-end” arrangements with the alternative provision provider(s) on behalf of the school, ensuring the programme(s) and provision offered complies with national legislation and other relevant policies and procedures (e.g. safeguarding, quality assurance, health and safety, data protection).

Services you will receive

A basic service is offered to schools to help them identify suitable alternative provision for pupils in KS3 and KS4. The basic service is free of charge. The enhanced service offer includes the following support for schools:

  1. Placement and programmed planning, in partnership with the school and, where appropriate, the pupil’s parents/carers and other support workers;
  2. Coordination and management of placements, including price negotiation, contract management, safeguarding assessments and comprehensive quality assurance;
  3. Daily attendance monitoring;
  4. Regular teaching and learning observations whilst pupils are on an off-site programmed of alternative provision;
  5. Progress checks, during and after the alternative provision programme has been completed, to monitor and evaluate the impact of the provision;
  6. Brokerage of additional help and support for pupils whilst on programme, including transport, mentoring and independent careers information, advice and guidance (IAG);
  7. Liaison with other specialist and/or statutory services (e.g. Virtual School Team, SEN Team, Youth Offending Service) who may be working the pupil;
  8. Attendance and input at relevant meetings;
  9. Preparation for Ofsted, including thematic inspections relating to the school’s use of alternative provision.

Benefits of the enhanced service

The enhanced service will ensure the school is meeting its obligations to provide an appropriate and engaging curriculum offer to all of its pupils. The service will take a personalised approach to placement planning and will ensure that the alternative provision brokered by the service meets all necessary policies and procedures, including Progress 8 measures, where appropriate.

The school will receive dedicated and professional support from the Lead Officer when using the enhanced service. The Lead Officer will act as the key liaison point for the school in relation to any issues or concerns raised about the young person’s learning outcomes, attendance, behaviour and/or welfare whilst on programme and will undertake a continuous and rigorous assessment of the programme’s quality and effectiveness on behalf of the school.

The service is committed to providing schools with value for money and will take a cost- effective approach to the planning and commissioning of alternative provision placements to help reduce the costs incurred by schools as part of the enhanced service.

School responsibilities

The school will be expected to provide a named contact for pupil referrals and issues relating to pupil welfare and attendance. The school will also need to provide a relevant contact to approve the purchasing and procurement of alternative provision for their pupils. This will be agreed as part of the SLA.

Schools will be expected to share information with the local authority about pupils accessing alternative provision on a termly-basis.


The enhanced service is offered during term-time only. Contracts are expected to be agreed on an annual basis, running from April to March each year.

Invoice arrangements

Haringey Learning Partnership will issue invoices to schools on a termly basis based on days at the Provison. This will include the costs of alternative provision based on the level of service bought by schools.

EHCP  (Managed Place - Daily rate according to individual plan in conjunction with SEN Team)


We are committed to delivering the highest possible standards for our SLA.

Detailed information on quality standards is available if things go wrong. We want to deal with your concerns quickly and effectively. Please first discuss the problem professionally with the person who is providing the service. Most complaints can be dealt with on the spot.

However, if you are still concerned you can make a formal complaint to: Siobhan.McMahon@haringey.gov.uk

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