Food and Hygiene Safety Training

Food Safety and Health and Safety Training Courses Nationally recognised and accredited to provide bespoke training in Environmental Health matters, our service brings Health Food and Safety into a commercial environment for young people .

By receiving our training and guidance:

• All staff will be fully aware of their statutory responsibilities in relation to food, health and safety.

• Staff will be able to demonstrate that they meet the requirements of current legislation in terms of advice, supervision and training

• Staff will be able to assess risk and put in place adequate control measures to prevent the risk of an incident, accident or occurrence.

• Relevant staff will have an understanding of preventing and dealing with infection control during outbreaks.

• Training will be provided in house at a time convenient for staff and taking into consideration their programme of work

The school will have assurance that competent staff are able to deal with foreseeable and unexpected safety matters.


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Key Service Features

• Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Food Hygiene and Safety Levels 1, 2 & 3 approved training

• Recognised professional coaching and advice in approved Food Safety Management Systems

• Providing tailor-made courses and workshops in Infection Control, Manual Handling and Risk Assessments

• We are able to offer on-site and bespoke training courses and events

• Group Refresher Training and advisory services

Our Services in Detail

1) We can deliver a set number of training courses each year to ensure:

• That staff with a responsibility for safeguarding the health of consumers have the knowledge to prepare food that is safe to eat.

• All employees are aware of the key health and safety issues and the part they should play in keeping themselves and others free from harm in the workplace

• Staff are aware of the hygiene hazards that could present themselves within a school setting and how to control them.

2) Our courses can be delivered at your premises using a variety of teaching techniques to ensure a mix of learning styles suited to optimise audience engagement.

3) At the end of each course there will either be an examination (leading to an accredited qualification) or an assessment test to ensure that learning objectives have been met.

4) Assessments and examinations will be offered in either written or oral format. Some exam papers can be sourced in alternative languages.

5) We encourage a full dialogue with schools to learn feedback on our work and how we may improve .


Service Standards

1) Delivery measurement

We aim to issue the results of the exams and the certificates within 14 days of the exam date and/or a certificate of attendance for non accredited courses within 3 days of the course.

2) Each candidate will be given the opportunity to evaluate the course. All comments will be considered in improving the quality of the service being provided.

3) Where a candidate fails an accredited course we will offer a resit examination at reduced cost on the next available course.

Statutory Services

1) This service has a statutory duty to ensure:

• That Food handlers are adequately trained, instructed and supervised in matters commensurate to their work activity

• All employers and employees carryout our their activities with our risk to the health and safety of themselves or anyone else that may be effected by their work activities. 

that the wider community is protected from infectious disease and other dangers to health.

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