Early Years : Support and Advisory Services

Building on the firm foundations of early childhood experiences The Early Years Support and Advisory Service have a wealth of knowledge and skills to support raising standards, narrowing gaps and ensuring the highest quality practice. The team supports schools to prepare for inspection where the Early Years provision will have a separate judgement. The team has a proven record of success and are highly respected throughout the local authority.


• Raises standards and improves outcomes for children in the Foundation Stage

• A bespoke and flexible service that supports the individual needs of the school

• There is an increased confidence in the leadership of the Foundation Stage and within the Senior leadership team

• This will support your on-going development

• This will support pre Ofsted reviews and provide advice to ensure inspections are approached effectively and confidently


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Key Service Features

This service supplements the School Improvement Advisor support. In conjunction with the SIA offer we will provide:

• Support to raise the quality of practice

• Support to secure improvement and development of quality of teaching and provision

• A tailored approach to school needs

• Support and advice for the Foundation Stage leader and school leaders

• Advice on setting targets and areas for development and improvement

• Opportunities to share good practice

• Relevant up-to-date information and knowledge linked to national and local priorities

Our Services in Detail

Support can be tailored to your needs and composed of the following elements:

1) Bespoke staff meeting led by an Early Years Advisor

2) Bespoke one day Inset training

3) Early Years Foundation Stage review and report

4) Coaching and support for new or existing coordinators

5) One day on-site observation training for the whole team

6) One or two day support: audit and developing the learning environment

7) Early Years Conference - a one-day conference with key note speakers and workshops




Service Standards

1) Clear agenda agreed with the school

2) Agenda and priorities are in line with national legislation and policy changes

3) Working in partnership to determine and meet agreed actions and outcomes

4) Agenda will reflect school priorities and the support could be training, briefing, awareness raising or discussion.

5) Next steps and actions will be agreed


Statutory Services

1) Sections 1-5 of the Childcare Act 2006 require local authorities and their partners to improve the outcomes of all children under 5 and reduce inequalities

2) Support for schools in a category

3) Moderation of the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile 

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