Legionnaire Awareness for Premises

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This course provides an awareness of Legionnaire’s Disease within Schools settings, including how to manage water systems to minimise risk, how systems should be monitored and assessed and a brief understanding of the disease itself.
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To develop an understanding of how to manage legionella risks in a School setting, and why it is important to maintain safe water systems.



  • To gain an understanding of Legionnaire’s Disease and its associated risk factors
  • To be able to manage risks in water systems and know what action to take when issues arise
  • To understand specific risk assessments
  • To be aware of documentation and monitoring requirements 



Site management staff and School Business Managers working within educational settings. 


Booking information:

Please contact Tristan.DeCam@haringey.gov.uk to organise this course for your premises team.

Please note that a non-attendance fee will be applied in full if place is not cancelled 72h in advance.

It is recommended that this course is refreshed at least every three years or where a review is required.

Cancellation Policy:

We acknowledge that sometimes there is a need to cancel your course booking for a course.

If you cannot attend, or no longer require a place:

Please provide notice of cancellation by sending an email to health.safetyadvice@haringey.gov.uk at least 5 working days prior to the course start date. Please include in the email - the course name, date and the reason you are unable to attend.  Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in your School being charged £50 or the full course fee (whichever is greater).

A cancellation fee will not be charged if you nominate someone else to attend.  Please advise health.safetyadvice@haringey.gov.uk of any name changes. If there are exceptional circumstances, the Deputy Head of Service Health and Safety may take this into consideration.

A cancellation fee also applies for non-attendance / no show!

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