Advice & Professional support (2021)

Assured guidance and advice for schools applying admission arrangements; with early compliance checks and a full professional consultation service. Every admissions authority has the duty to consult on their admission arrangements if the governing body are considering making changes or if the arrangements have not been consulted upon in the last 7 years. Our consultation service can advise on proposals and administer the process.


1) Your governors can be reassured that their arrangements are compliant with the mandatory provisions of the School Admissions Code

2) Assurance that the consultation is lawful and would satisfy the rigour of a Schools Adjudicator. The school will be better informed to manage proposed new arrangements

3) Time spent compiling and distributing paperwork is saved

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Key Service Features

1) Pre-consultation meeting setting out statutory duties of governors

2) Advice on proposed arrangements before they go out to consultation

3) Administration of the consultation process

4) Report to the governing body detailing the responses to the

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